Many businesses invest a lot of money and resources in their marketing campaigns. They accumulate everything from tools to technology, in turn, creating a plethora of content for marketing. What if all this investment does not pay and the result are below expectation. In such a situation arises the need for holistic internet marketing approach. In this, you need to ensure that every component of your campaign, such as emails, social media, online events, blogs and much more are all supportive and complementary to each other. It has been seen that all the companies who have used this approach in their marketing campaign, have reaped great benefits.

This internet marketing approach is needed to be adopted in some key areas which are:

Email: basically, email is the real form of social media and all you have to take care of is to prepare good content to mail and reach your targeted audience. With the option of social sharing, you can reach a large number of people through internet. Thus the first thing you should do is to have at least one social button of whatever social media website you consider best attached to your mails. This way whichever customer finds your mail useful can share it with his contacts.

Social Media: social media has a very strong power of magnifying and increasing the impact that your marketing campaign produces. Make social sharing easy for everything, your blogs and all other resources, get involved in online conversations and also creating hash tags can be very helpful. Through these actions and approach you can make and foster relationship with your potential clientage.

Blogs: You should update blogs regularly with the frequency of at least once per week and keyword usage should be judicious instead of excessive because Google always prefer fresh content over anything else.

Intelligence: One of the chief reasons why many companies don’t get ample returns on their marketing campaigns is that they fail to correlate the incoming traffic on their website with their marketing campaigns. One of the best ways of doing this is to make use of unique URL for social media or email campaign as this would set a tracking cookie. This way you can keep track of two key aspects: firstly, where your visitors actually coming from and what are is the prime reason behind their visit so that you can shape your marketing campaign accordingly.

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